We run the Women Partners of Bisexual Men Service, a state-wide service supporting women whose male partners are attracted to men.

And we’re writing a book from the men’s perspectives.  

The book will be about men who have experienced coming out as gay from a heterosexual/straight relationship, or men who are still in relationships with women and may be having sex with men or questioning their sexuality. If this describes your situation and you live in NSW or lived in NSW at the time, we’d like to talk with you.

It’s a joint project with Women Partners of Bisexual Men Service and GAMMA and the men who are interviewed will be telling their story, in their own words. It will be important that you live in NSW or have a connection to NSW.

Your story will be confidential and anonymous.

Click here for more information.

If you agree to be interviewed, please call us on 1800 787 887, 02 9560 3011 or email womenpartners@lwchc.org.au.



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