We advocate for women and girls through advocacy group SOS Women’s Services. We established SOS in 2014 with other local women’s services to advocate against the closure of women’s and girls refuges in the inner city. Following the success of that campaign we expanded our efforts state-wide and have continued to advocate for improvements to women’s services for women and girls who are disadvantaged, recovering from trauma and at risk of homelessness. Our successes include:
– Advocating that all refuges have their funding extended to 2020 to allow them a chance to rebuild after government reforms
– Helping ensure $20m in additional funding to assist with the expansion of 24 hour services across NSW
– Funding for a specialist domestic violence worker at the Family Law Court with the support of the Chief Justice
– Establishment of the Service Support Fund which ensured a further 14 women’s refuges are funded
– Restoration of funding to homelessness services in inner Sydney, including preventing the closure of the city’s women’s refuges
– Securing Award increases for Sydney’s girls’ refuges

We’ve recently been meeting with the government about two major proposals – to update women’s refuges from communal living to independent units with support, starting with four pilot sites, and to establish Domestic Violence Prevention Clinics in every women’s health centre in NSW.

We’re working on other proposals for more improvements which will benefit women and girls in NSW.

You can help SOS Women’s Services by making a donation. SOS receives no government funding and is fully reliant on donations and volunteers. To make a donation, please go to Support Us and let us know your donation is to SOS and we’ll make sure it will be used for that purpose. For more information, you can visit For more information about SOS Women’s Services, go to www.soswomensservices.com, or you’re welcome to call our manager Roxanne McMurray on 9560 3011 or email Roxanne@lwchc.org.au.

Our Drug and Alcohol Worker Carmen Couceiro Vicos presented a poster at the 2016 NADA Conference on the integrated care the centre provides for clients experiencing alcohol and other drugs counselling and health education.

Download (PDF, 303KB)

Our manager Roxanne McMurray was asked to present to the Institute of Criminology’s Contemporary and Future Crime Trends Conference on Family and Domestic Violence and the impact of State Government reforms on Women’s Services.
Download the paper here.

We gave two presentations at the inaugural Inner West Sydney Medicare Local congress held in March 2014 – one on Using a Multidisciplinary Approach to Improve the Health of Women: http://iwsml.org.au/ee/images/uploads/cpd_presentations/Using_a_

and a presentation on the Issues Experienced by Women Partners of Same Sex Attracted Men: http://iwsml.org.au/ee/images/uploads/cpd_presentations/Issues_

The Women Partners of Bisexual Men Service presented a poster at the 2013 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference. The poster describes the data collated on over 1200 occasions of service in the five years 2008 to 2013 including the presenting health issues, preventative and early interaction strategies to address HIV and other STI risks, and health benefits articulated by women participating in its support groups during the period. It is hoped that, through this poster, other states may recognise the benefits of the Leichhardt model of supporting the many women in Australia who are dealing with the experience of being the partner of a same sex attracted man. To view our poster, download here: Women Partners of Same Sex Attracted Men: Preventing HIV and Other STIs Through Supportive Strategies to Protect Against Transmission

I Come from Vietnam

I Come from Vietnam

Our Vietnamese Health Educator Thao presented a poster at the 7th National Women’s Health Conference held in 2014 titled ‘I Come from Vietnam’ showcasing a fantastic project we had in partnership with Ultimo TAFE and CatholicCare which aimed to improve women’s health and confidence in an innovative way. To view Thao’s poster, download here: I come from Vietnam poster.

Earlier contributions to conferences have included:

Three presentations at the 6th Australian Women’s Health Conference in Hobart, held in May 2010.

In 2007 the women’s health nurse presented a poster on the interventions conducted by her at Leichhardt to facilitate social connection amongst new mothers and reduce post natal depression risk factors, presented at the Tresilian Conference (2007).

Also in 2007 a paper on the efficacy of the women’s health approach in the treatment of depression was delivered at the Women and Depression Conference in Sydney (2007).

Papers on the ‘Issues Experienced by Women Partners of Gay/Bisexual Men’, the ‘Future of Women’s Health Depends on Feminism’ and the best practice service model of the ‘Campsie Well Women Clinic’ were presented at the 5th Australian Women’s Health Conference, Melbourne in 2005.

At the 4th Australian Women’s Health Conference, held in Adelaide in 2000, we presented a paper on transgender issues and women’s health, which specifically outlined the process used by Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre in considering the issues and providing in ensuring we’re providing the best possible access to transgender women.

Contact us for more information about any of our presentations, or to ask for copies.